Sometime there’s no better way than opening up a white canvas and desiging. “Play around” is a series that I started a couple of years to experiment with colors, compositions, ideas and concepts.  Here’s a few selections of the series that I started in 2018.

︎︎︎Experime-ntal Posters
︎︎︎Colors, type

“I Shall Be Gone”

This featured poster is titled “ I Shall Be Gone” using illustration and Arabic hand-lettering on iPad. The poster is inspired by a Greek poem that discusses one’s obsession with leaving their own city and looking for a brighter future away from their homeland; the ocean they belive is waiting for them is nothing, but a small, contained pool. 

The poster was selected among the 100 Best Arabic Poster, check it out here.

-You can also shop the poster in Cairo here.