-Catalogue design to show handmade products comissioned by Athar Lina organisation.

-A set of psters created as a prposal for a fun tropical summer party.

     -KHAREQ a fun, bold Display Arabic Font drawn and designed by me along with patterns, book manual and Gif to showcase the             flexibility nature of the font.

-A visual identity for ADEF kids suummer camp.

-Ciao branding proposal for a pizza restaurant in Dubai. 

-altea: A branding identity for a luxury beach residentual project in Marassi, Egypt.

-UPSTRIKE: A branding identity for a sports complext in Uptown Cairo, Egypt.

   -Candy Warzone. A series of photographs that depicts the horror of a war in Candy Land.

                -HUGUCA a 3D printed calender stamping set developed and coneptualised by me. Designed to be playful and engaging.

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